Our vision

Creation of Artificial Intelligence

AI that enables efficient investments within networks.


The financial centre of today and tomorrow

Dohrnii enables a crypto ecosystem

The singularity of investment capability using AI through the Dohrnii platform.



State-of-the-art blockchain
technology for the investment industry

Dohrnii is the world's first decentralized investment management ecosystem for
cryptocurrencies. As a non-profit organization, the Dohrnii Foundation is implementing a
coherent system between Artificial Intelligences and blockchain technology on a multifunctional digital platform.


The financial centre
of tomorrow

Our vision is to create Artificial Intelligences that can communicate with each other via the blockchain and merge into a one large and coherent Artificial Intelligence. Dohrnii is a state-of-the-art investment management platform designed specifically for the cryptocurrency market. The project aims to create a comprehensive end-to-end investment management system by combining a wide range of functions that increase traders' efficiency through various tools.