Dohrnii - Let's change the world

Our mission

From portfolio management to risk assessment, price prediction, automated investing and algorithmic signals, Dohrnii Foundation aims to implement an end-to-end investment solution for the crypto market - for both novice and experienced traders.

We build on a
new digital finance

Dohrnii is changing the way humans interact, decipher, and interpret information from the crypto market through Artificial Intelligence.

Our goals

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Revolutionizing trading and investing

The ultimate goal in AI is to create a fully automated program that performs certain tasks more efficiently and faster than humans. Our vision is to create a coherent network of multiple AI modules that interact with each other via distributed ledgers and form a comprehensive financial management system for the cryptocurrency space.


Dohrnii Foundation will conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and issue DHN, its own token that will be used as a utility token on the Dohrnii platform. Dohrnii platform is used.