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Dohrnii Foundation - ICO

Dohrnii Foundation will hold an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and issue DHN, its own native token that will be used as a utility token on the Dohrnii platform. While participants on the platform can also use other cryptocurrencies of their choice such as BTC or ETH, the use of DHN is recommended as it offers better terms.

Human expertise meets Artificial Intelligence - DHN

The non-profit Dohrnii Foundation, established in Switzerland in early 2021, is responsible for building, overseeing and accelerating the growth of the Dohrnii network and marketplace. One of the core beliefs of the Dohrnii Foundation is that the benefits of AI trading should not only be enjoyed by a small group of powerful institutions, but should be shared by all participants.

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Investment Management Ecosystem

We believe that the future of investing lies in implementing an investment infrastructure based on advanced technological solutions. The mission is clear - to reinvent the way people invest in cryptocurrencies by giving them access to a broad arsenal of tools that will enable them to gain valuable insights and implement advanced investment workflows using algorithmic patterns.

Investment Management Platform

Dohrnii is a cutting-edge investment management platform designed specifically for the cryptocurrency market. As the first ecosystem to connect Artificial Intelligences together on the blockchain, Dohrnii stands out with its innovative momentum.

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