Dohrnii - Let's change the world

Profitable investment strategy in the long term
Dohrnii enables both novice and experienced investors in the cryptocurrency market to gain valuable insights and useful tools that will enable them to implement a reliable and profitable long-term investment strategy.

AI, Blockchain, Smart Contracts &
Robo Advising combined

The daemon instances are responsible for the interaction between the AI modules and the Smart Contracts, as well as for passing of this information to the Dohrnii platform (in this case, the frontboard) in a workable form.
The frontboard is then the direct link between the AI modules, the traders and the Robo Advisor.

Technological progress

Within the main AI modules on the Dohrnii platform, there are hundreds of
different sub-AIs, also known as low-level AI modules. These perform individual smaller tasks that are called by the main AI (high-level AI). The main AI (and only it) can communicate with external programs - for example
with third-party applications (such as exchanges) and Smart Contracts on different blockchains (cross-blockchain compatibility is planned).

Blockchain meets ecosystem

To facilitate the communication between the AI modules and blockchain technology, we use daemon programs. A daemon is a type of program on Unix-like operating systems that runs unobtrusively in the background, not under the direct control of a user, waiting to be activated by the occurrence of a specific event or state.